• Sporty Solutionz signs multi-year Media Rights deal with New Zealand Cricket"
  • SRIKANTH SAINA WRITE GOLDEN DAY OF INDIAN BADMINTON: 21-year-old K Srikanth upset the Golden Guy of World Badminton Lin Dan 21-19, 21-17; and Saina beat Japan’s Akane Yagamuchi 21-12, 22-20
  • GOLDEN DAY FOR INDIAN BADMINTON: K Srikanth and Saina Nehwal won China Open Super Series women’s and men’s singles title respectively, a first in the history of Indiann Badminton when men’s and women’s singles crown are captured by two Indians.
  • IBL OPENED NEW AVENUES FOR ASHWINI : Read the whole story that how IBL gave the Bangalore girl mantra to improve her mixed doubles rankings.
  • SAINA IN SEMIS: India’s Saina Nehwal enters semi-finals of the China Open Championships with a 21-13, 17-21, 21-5 win over Suo Di of China.
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  • Khim Wah happy with IBL experience
  • Inaugural IBL a smash hit: Saina
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  • Indian Badminton League – A huge success.4

14-Aug (2000hrs)
KDS v/s PP
PP wins with 3-2

15-Aug (1600hrs)
HH v/s AW
HH wins with 3-2

15-Aug (2000hrs)
BB v/s MM
MM wins with 3-2

17-Aug (1600hrs)
KDS v/s HH
KDS wins with 3-2

17-Aug (2000hrs)
MM v/s PP
PP wins with 3-2

18-Aug (2000hrs)
BB v/s AW
BB wins with 4-1

19-Aug (2000hrs)
HH v/s PP
HH wins with 4-1

20-Aug (2000hrs)
KDS v/s MM
MM wins with 4-1

22-Aug (1600hrs)
HH v/s MM
HH wins with 3-2

22-Aug (2000hrs)
AW v/s KDS
AW wins with 4-1

23-Aug (2000hrs)
PP v/s BB
PP wins with 4-1

24-Aug (2000hrs)
AW v/s MM
AW wins with 3-2

25-Aug (2000hrs)
BB v/s KDS
KDS wins with 4-1

26-Aug (2000hrs)
AW v/s PP
AW wins with 3-2

27-Aug (2000hrs)
HH v/s BB
BB wins with 3-2

28-Aug – 1st Semifinal
HH wins with 3-0

29-Aug – 2nd Semifinal
AW wins with 3-2

31-Aug – Final
HH wins with 3-1

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Point Table

Team Ties Wins Losses Points
HH 5 3 2 17
AW 5 3 2 16
PP 5 3 2 16
MM 5 2 3 15
KDS 5 2 3 13
BB 5 2 3 13

  • Luca Farulli
  • Diego Mencarelli
  • Luca Bonacorsi
  • Luigi Ciorciolini
  • Luca Rosati
  • Filippo Casale
  • Filippo Casale
  • Diego Mencarelli
  • Luca Bonacorsi
  • Luigi Ciorciolini

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